• Students are admitted to the college by the Government of Tamilnadu through single window Admission system of Anna University, Chennai. The following reservation scheme is being adapted to admit the students :

                              OC – 31%,  BC – 26.5%,  BCM – 3.5%, MBC – 20%, SC – 18% with SCA – 3%,   ST – 1%

  • Every Programme will have a curriculum with syllabi consisting of theory and practicals such as
    • General core courses comprising Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Humanities and Engineering arts.
    • Core courses of Engineering / Technology.
    • Elective courses for specialization in related fields.
    • Workshop practice, computer practice, Engineering Graphics, Laboratory work, Industrial training, Seminar presentation, Project work, Educational tours, Camps etc.
    • NCC / NSS / Sports / Fine Arts activities for character development.
  • Each semester curriculum shall normally have a blend of lecture courses not exceeding 6 and practical courses not exceeding 3.
  • The medium of instruction, Examinations and project report will be English.

A student is ordinarily expected to complete the B.E. programme in * semesters (four academic yeras) but in any case not more than 14 semesters for HSC candidates and not more than 12 semesters for Lateral Entry Diploma Candidates. Each semester shall normally consist of 90 working days or 450 working hours. The head of the Institution shall ensure that every teacher imparts instruction as per the nu8mber of periods specified in the syllabus and that the teacher teaches the full content of the specified syllabus for the course being taught. End semester examination will ordinarily follow immediately after the last working day of the semester. For M.E. students, the course duration will be 4 semesters and for M.C.A. students, the course duration will be 6 semesters.

    • A candidate whoi has fulfilled the following conditions shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirement for completion of a semester
    • He/She secures not less than  75% of overall attendance in that semester taking into account the total num,ber of periods in all course put together attended by the candidate as against the total number of periods in all courses offered during that semester. Part Time B.E. students must possess 75% of attendance in this regard. His/Her conduct is found to be satisfactory as certified by the Head of thge Instituition.
    • Candidates who do not complete the semester (as per the above clauses) will not be permitted to write the end semester examination and are not permitted to go to the next semester. They are required to repeat the incomplete semester in the next academic year.

To help the students in planning their course of study and for general advice on the academic programme, the Head of the Department will attach a certain number of studentrs to a teacher of the department who shall function as Faculty Adviser for those students throughout their period of study. Such Faculty Adviser shall advise the students and monitor the courses taken by the students, check the attendance and progress of the students attached tp him/her and counsel them periodically. If necessary, the faculty adviser may also discuss with or inform the parents about the progress of the students. The faculty adviser will also keep and update the students’s records.


A candidate shall normally be permitted to appear for the semester examination of the current semester  if she/he has satisfied the semester completion requirements and has registered for examination in all courses of that semester. Rules imposed by the university from time to time is applicable in this connection.


Students (both boys and girls) should wear any decent dress.

*Wearing Jeans pants/T.shirts, possessing cell phones and using Tobacco products are prohibitted inside the college premises.