The department of physical Education is privileged to have state of the art sports facilities which have motivated the students, therefore promoting them to take part in various games. The spectators are provided with adequate facilities to enable them to witness the proceedings at the college ground comfortably.

1 Playgrounds 15 acres
2. Built up area 2200 sq. meters

The Department of Physical Education offers very equipped facilities for various sports & games and track and field events.
The various sports facilities available are as follows.

Our college is home to an appealing Football ground, which is well maintained. The grass is shortened once in a week and a ground is leveled periodically. The football ground is well maintained. The ground is leveled periodically. The students are provided with all the necessary kits from high quality brands for their practice for matches, helping them achieve high laurels.

An engrossing Hockey ground, maintained with red soil periodically players a key factor in gaining wide popularity for the national game among the students. The players are providing with sticks, balls, boots, skin guards and all protection for the goalkeeper is given.

There is cricket matting pitch between the Football and Hockey grounds. There are three practice nets enabling more numbers of players to practice at the same time. Bats, Balls (seam), Pads (of different top brands), Gloves, Stumps, and all other etiquettes are readily available for use.

Handball is the second fastest game in the world. To motivate speeding moment of our student handball was introduced. In our campus there were two handball courts, suitable playing materials were given to players.

The main center of attraction is well laid concrete Basketball court with fiber board providing even bower and effective play. The court has been facilitated with flood lights to enable playing during night time.
The players are provided with high quality standard ball. The court is faced by a facility to seat 100, where spectators get involved get involved with the match marking for a wonderful atmosphere.

The two orderly plain volleyball courts present in the college provide a heavenly ambience for the players. The court is examined and refurbished at regular intervals for better comfort of the players.

Standing Tennis courts had been developed in the year 1991. The
three inviting clay tennis court present in the college have absorbed more
bounce by watering and leveling them periodically leading to quality Play.

There are two Ball Badminton court available in the college. The Racquets used to play ball badminton are specially made and
from experienced sportsperson and dealers in Tamil Nadu. The bought
Ball Badminton courts are the venue of Zonal matches held this year.

A well maintained cement Badminton court is available with asbestos roofing and good lighting all around enabling for an enthralling play.
The eminent sportspersons of Karaikudi district have been enhancing their skill using this court. The Indoor Badminton Court provides facilities for staff members and students to indulge in an entertaining encounter.

Table tennis room with two TTFA approved good quality tables, is open to play even during night time. Bats with high-class rubbers and ball are provided for practice and matches.

11. KHO-KHO:
The well laid Kho-kho court provides a perfect ground which reduces the stress on the player's physique when they fall down. Great care is taken by the markers to make the court in shape after every play.

There is a 400m track around grounds a perfect for conducting various events and field events are conducted besides the track. The ground men are available at any time to prepare the track.

An open air gymnasium equipped with parallel bars and horizontal bars afford ample scope to gymnasts. A well-equipped indoor gymnasium provides scope for body building helping the students to participate in best physique contests.
There is a store house of high quality sports equipment's available for use by players. The maintenance work is done by the markers who are available anytime. It is provided with very good first aid and medical facilities monitored by a medical practitioner. The following equipments are available in the gymnasium:
• Abdominal condition
• Rowing pulley
• Adjustable Tumbles
• Abdominal board with Leg curl
• Bench press with Leg curl
• Shoulder press
• Treadmill

14. CHESS:
The sport which India has dominated at the international level for several years. The game requiring immense level of concentration patience is being played by the best of players, representing college team in different tournaments. Our college is proud to have a pool of
players every year bringing laurels to the college winning several of these tournaments.