About The Department

The department of Mechanical Engineering started commencing under Madras University from 21 July1952 along with the EEE and Civil disciplines. Since the day from commencing the department is traveling towards its vision and mission. The department was accredited with 5 years (2004-2009) by NBA, the only department to get 5 years accreditation among Government colleges and has now applied for reaccreditation. Besides, Autonomous status was conferred by University Grants Commission (UGC) for six years from the academic year 2010-11 to 2015-16. The department is well equipped with all kinds of machineries, needed for successful completion of the course. The department admits the candidates through single window counseling conducted by Anna University, Chennai.

“Gestating orchestrates of the future. Facilities are updated now and then, to train students in all horizons and to make them the cynosure in the battle of engineers.”

Principle Hallmarks:

The department has well spaced classrooms and adequate benches providing comfort situation for the candidates. The classrooms are well ventilated and provided with fans and lights. A total of 313.5 sq.m of area is allocated for all the four years of the department and a gallery hall of 163.8 sq.m is used for lecture purposes. Besides, a seminar hall of area 217.6 sq.m and 275 sq.m are constructed. Classrooms containing total area of 148.48 sq.m are used for post graduate students.

Highlights of the Department:

First in Tamilnadu to offer MECHANICAL ENGINEERING course. The department is equipped with state of art machines and declared as Research Center by Anna University, Chennai.

Name of the Equipments:

  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • Roundness testing machine
  • Profile projector
  • CNC Lathe with Funac control


The Mechanical Engineering Association MECHASSO,stimulates and inspires students to participate in Group discussions, Quizzes and organizes guest lectures and entrepreneurship training. MECHASSO also conducts a National level technical symposium annually which attracts papers from various parts of the country.


Researches lead to the discovery of new trends. Researches performed in our lab includes

  • Electro deposition of Bronze-PTFE
  • Development of Aluminium alloys as Galvanic Iron Battery
  • Tool condition monitoring using Intelligent machining
  • Wear characteristics and electro composites.