VLSI & Cyber Physical Systems Lab

Major Equipments

ARM Based Embedded Application Development System,

ARM+FPGA Evaluation system using Embest IDE,

NXP2148-RTOS Program,

Topview- Simulators,

ARM Wireless Sensor Network Trainers,

SP 3E/250 K Xilinx/FPGA systems,

Model-Sim Software,

Computer with Accessories,

Advanced Microcontroller kits,

Interfacing Trainer Kits.

Analog & Digital Communication Lab

Major Equipments




Digital Storage Oscilloscopes,

Communication Trainer Kits,

Regulated power supplies

DC Power supplies

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

Major Equipments


Modernized Work benches,

Multisim & PSPICE-Softwares,

LAN T-Trainer Kits,


Digital IC Trainer Kits,

Computer with Accessories.

Optical Networking & simulation Lab (PG)

Major Equipments


Computers with Accessories,

Light Runner,

Laser Equipments

Software Defined Radio Kits,

Opti system Software,

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Alagappa Computer Centre / Signal Processing Lab

Major Equipments

Computers with MATLAB,

TMS320C6713 Vi-Debugger Software,

DSP- Trainer Kits

RF & Microwave Electronics Lab

Major Equipments

MIC Trainer System with Accessories,

Directional Couplers,

3GHz Vector Signal Generator,

3GHz Vector Network Analyzer,

3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer,

1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer,

Computerized Antenna Testing facility,

Electromagnetic simulation with HFSS (ANSYS),

Automated Antenna Radiation pattern plotter

Optical Communication Lab

Major Equipments

Fiber Optic Communication trainer kits,

LED and photo diode detectors

PCB Prototyping Station

Major Equipments

PCB Prototyping Machine,

Soldering & De-soldering Station.